Personalizing Your Profile and Member Card

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Our forums offer quite a few features through both add-ons and Xenforo's integrated functionality to give users a lot of control over the appearance and settings of their presence on Dethroned Gaming. Here you'll find a couple of the major features for your profile!

1 Avatar and Contact Details


Your avatar is the main image that identifies you on the site. If you don't customize your avatar, it will default to one of the gender specific stock images. If you link your exernal facebook account, you can choose to use your profile picture, or you can upload your own photo.

Click your username at the top right corner of the site, and select "Personal Details." It will bring you to this page, where you can change your avatar:


Here you can also update your bio:


On the left sidebar, you will also see an option for "Contact Details". Here you can add your gamertags across various platforms.


Once you've saved them, your appropriate tags will show up as icons on your member card that can be hovered over or clicked for your profile stats!


In addition to gamertags, on the left sidebar you'll also see an option for "External Accounts." Here you can officially link your Facebook, Twitter, & Google profiles.

external accounts.PNG

2 Privacy and Notifications

Under "Privacy", you can determine who can see your details based on their registration status.

Under "Alert Preferences", you can...you guessed it! Update your alert preferences!


Under "Contact Details", you can update which notifications send you an email.

messaging preferences.PNG


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