The Cyrodiil Field Manual™

Summary of the document

A field manual on Cyrodiil

1 Types of Siege weapons:


Long range and large effect radius, best against walls and other siege weapons. Not very good against short range, and they have a high arc of fire to hit over walls.

Stone Trebuchet - Deals high damage to buildings and enemies.
Firepot Trebuchet - Deals flame damage over time to enemies.
Iceball Trebuchet - Deals cold damage to enemies and reduces their movement speed for a few seconds.
Cold Stone Trebuchet - Deals extremely high damage to buildings, structures and enemies - deals the highest initial damage out of all siege weapons. These weapons can only be obtained from Dark Anchor chests.
Cold Fire Trebuchet - Deals Coldfire damage to enemies and very high damage to structures. These weapons can only be obtained from Dark Anchor chests.


Best against players and siege weapons, with a fast load time and low arc of fire.

Ballista - This type of ballista shoots a normal bolt that deals very high damage to buildings and enemy siege weapons, but less damage to enemy players.
Fire Ballista - This type of ballista shoots a fire bolt that deals fire damage to players plus damage over time.
Lightning Ballista - This type of ballista shoots a lightning bolt that ensnares enemies, reduecing their movement speed for a few seconds.


Best against other players, with a large effect radius and fast load time.

Meatbag Catapult - This type of Catapult deals poison damage to enemies and reduces their healing taken for a few seconds.
Oil Catapult - This type of Catapult deals damage to enemies and reduces their movement speed for a few seconds.
Scattershot Catapult - This type of Catapult hits a large area for each shot which is useful of de


Only useable against doors, and you need at least 4 people to operate.

Flaming oil---

Useable above doors and stairways, best used against players and siege weapons. Note: "ground" oils no longer work.

Repair kits---

Three types, stone wall and wood door repair kits; and siege weapon repair kits. Wall and door repair kits cost more AP than they provide upon use, but they are needed. Many an Emperor owe their leaderboard position to repairing walls and doors. Also, it is cheaper to repair siege weapons than it is to buy them.

Cold Fire Ballistae and Trebuchets---

These can be looted from Dark Anchor chests within Cyrodiil. They deal much more damage than standard siege weapons.

All siege weapons and repair kits should be slotted on the quick slot bar to be used (similar to potions).

What should you carry?

Carry Stone trebuchets for walls and other siege weapons, Meatbag catapults for heal debuffing players, Ballitae/Fire Ballistae for killing players and other siege weapons, Flaming oil for keep and tower defense, and Door/Wall/Siege repair kits.

(Quick note: siege weapon damage and effects will be modified in Q1 2016)

2 Resources/Keeps/Outposts

Lumbermill: owning this resource makes it easier to smash in a door

Mine: owning this resource makes it easier to smash in a wall

Farm: owning this resource lowers the NPC guards (number/effectiveness)

Transit stone travel: this is how you travel from keep to keep, from each of the main gates. You can only travel to keeps that are connected in an uninterrupted line. The farthest outer keeps (ie. Dragonclaw) can never be travelled to by transit stone.

Outposts: these do not have a transit stone, though you can travel to them. They are mainly useful for travel.

Bridges: major choke points, especially for running a Scroll. They can be defended by siege weapons, including flaming oils. Using line of sight at a bridge is a major point of defense, and much smaller units can defend against larger forces here.

Taking resources:

Tower mage: they will cast a Sorc negate magic and Templar eclipse, as well as high damage range attacks.

Flag NPC's: usually two healers and two dragon knights

With smaller groups (or solo), it is best to start behind the tower and pull the closest NPC's. Then move up and take out the Tower mage asap, while moving to the flag. It is always best to fight on the flag, just be sure to take out the healers first.

Defending resources:

If you are not outnumbered by much, say 2 to 1, fight on the flag (unless the agressor is very organized with AOE stacking). Otherwise, fight from the tower. If you space them correctly, two catapults can be placed on top. Flaming oil can be placed at the top of each stair war, as well as on every wall (facing in or out depending on need). Ballistae can be placed on the bottom floor next to the stair way. Use AOE on the bottom floor to catch enemies as they push inside. Note: towers that are destroyed can be repaired very quickly. Also, many resource nodes have out building that can also be defended or used as hiding places.

Taking keeps:

Quick note: siege the wall unless the keep has very little defense. If undefended or defended by less than 4-5 people, hit the door with a ram.

Taking resources vs flagging:

You cannot travel to a keep that has ALL THREE resource nodes taken. You cannot revive OR travel to a keep that is flagged (keep shows up as under attack on the map). Taking resources alerts the enemy factions (the resource node shows up as under attack when the flag is ticking down), but cuts off travel. Flagging a keep occurs at 50% damage to the walls (ALL walls count as far as I can tell). If you need to take a keep fast, ignore resources (and use a ram if undefended). If you need to cut off travel, or if you have overwhelming numbers, take the resource nodes.

3 Setting up siege weapons

Put siege weapons a quick slot bar to use them (Stone Trebuchets are best!). Ideally, the best way to set them up is to start from the middle of the wall you will attack, then set the remaining siege weapons up as close to the first one as possible. Each person should operate at least 2 siege weapons. If you are using only one, best practice is to fire them and get off. Heal, buff, pay attention, then get back on to fire it again.

While ballistae load faster, it is still best to run 3 stone trebuchets than 2 ballistae for dps on a wall.

Best locations:

Set up siege on a longer section of wall (between flags) or a corner. Do not hit the "Postern house" as it is only the second floor of a wall that has a murder hole for oil. The corner of a keep is more difficult to defend with counter-siege, but it is usually easier to control a longer section of a wall.

It is possible to hit the exterior and interior walls simulataneously, but you need to be on the right side of the keep. To hit the interior wall, you set up Stone trebuchets right up against the outer wall so that they arc to the Inner postern wall.

When the outer wall goes down, best practice is to immediately run left or right (depending on which direction the Inner postern wall is located and/or enemy defense) and go up to the top of the outer wall. The corner towers are easiest to defend, and should be used a fall back point.

The corner towers can have 3 siege weapons on top, IF there are no siege weapons set up immediately next to the towers on the lower walls.

The Inner Postern wall should be destroyed by aiming just above the Inner Postern door.

Once the Inner postern wall falls, in a defended keep, it is best practice to stack up and move as a group to the top of the keep. Clear out the enemy players and fight NPC's from the upper level.

(To be updated later, each keep in Cyrodiil has a most ideal location for siege)

Front door locations:

(To be updated later, each keep in Cyrodiil and what direction the door faces)

4 Group tactics and composition

Outside the obvious need for healers (or at least healing skills), you will always need several people with Rapid Maneuvers, Caltrops, Siege Shield, and Magicka Detonation. Warhorn and Barrier will also help.

When attacking a keep, always stay close enough to the siege weapons to defend them. Do not fight at the front door, EVER, unless your job is to distract enemy players. Watch behind your line, as well as to the far left or right. Siege weapons can be burned by players from stealth.

When defending a keep, use line of sight to keep enemy players from hitting you from range. Do not jump off the wall, EVER, unless the order to charge was given.

Defending keeps:

Stone trebuchets and Fire ballistae are very good to take out other siege weapons. Meatbag catapults, Ballistae, Oil catapults are great for enemy players.

It is more difficult to set up siege weapons for a defense, so watch the spacing of siege weapons. Trebuchets can be set up on the ground to hit over the walls. You should have as much Flaming oil as you can fit on the wall.

Caltrops can go a long way in a keep defense, especially used in concert with siege weapons.

Open world siege warfare:

Do not hesitate to set up catapults and ballistae when fighting larger numbers in the open field. Both can be pointed directly at your feet. Best practice is to set up a Meatbag catapult, and then immediately use a Fire ballista to kill players who have their healing debuffed.

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