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Discussion in 'Community and Guild News' started by Kayslay, Feb 17, 2016.

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    Dethroned as a concept was born in January of 2015, the brain child of Matt and I for an overall gaming community. We bought the original domain, and there it hung, waiting for something to breathe actual life into it.

    In June of that year, Elder Scrolls Online released on PS4. A week later, on 6/18/15, the first Dethroned Guild was created.

    We started strong. We had the benefit of the launch hype and we put a ton of work into keeping that momentum. We sunk every spare bit of time we had into it - organizing giveaways, keeping eyes out for potential ranked, working out our hierarchy. We were successful beyond our wildest dreams in those early days. We ended up with what we still consider the best core group of the game, one that has stuck with us through a lot of transition and growing pains. We've got what I consider to be the best and most active guild on PS4, if not on any platform, and the group continues to grow with us!
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    Yes and i being a COD player on the PS4 will happily throw this awesome guild name in the mix on there as a fighting force and clan. Hopefully they will make a app so those clans can stay together no matter the system or pc they choose. Hope to have permission from you guys to do so

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