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    Hey there! New here? Well, we're happy to see you! Dethroned Gaming is the home base for our cross-game guilds, friends across various communities, and any other nerd who loves all things gaming as much we do. If you fit into any of those categories, you've definitely got a home here.

    Now that you're here, there's a few cool things you might want to check out. Drop by here to tell us a little about yourself!

    Here you'll find some tips & tricks to help you personalize your presence on our forums.

    Here you can learn a little bit more about our guild charter and policies.

    Stop by over here for an up to date list of all of the community contests and giveaways we are having!

    Don't forget to check out our events!

    Take a look at how we hang out with each other across multiple platforms and games!

    And finally, if you'd like to join one of our guilds, please swing by over here and drop an application!

    Again, we're psyched to see you here, and hope you stay awhile!
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